Sam and Cathy always had a love of plants, going back to their childhood days of helping their respective parents with gardening and other relatives with farming duties. Each worked independently in the landscaping/retail nursery business for over 10 years before launching their own careers as wholesale nursery growers/proprietors in 1989. As a small business, they found their niche (and passion) in growing healthy herb and vegetable plants suited for the Central Texas climate. Avoiding the use of traditional chemicals was a priority in their overall plan. In 2007 they became fully USDA certified organic.

In late 2012, their son Daniel Young re-joined the operation as part owner to help run the expanding family business. He grew up working in the nursery after school and developed an interest in plants at an early age. After high school he began to assist more in the day to day operations and worked as the main delivery driver. His enthusiasm and fresh ideas are helping to propel Gabriel Valley Farms to meet the ever increasing demand for their organic plants.

Daniel, Cathy, and Sam of Gabriel Valley Farms

Sam and Cathy Slaughter

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